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Nine new products awarded as ‘Local Food of the Pilsen Region 2019’

The festival program included cooking from local products, farmers' markets and gardening or beer draft workshops. A new workshop called Smart Village was prepared for mayors and other interested parties, where experts from the Czech Republic and Bavaria presented innovations in the field of smart technologies...

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Commemoration of the 51st anniversary of the occupation of Czechoslovakia

On Wednesday, August 21, 2019, the representatives of the Pilsen Region, the City of Pilsen and Pilsen 3 City District, together with the members of the Army Association of Rehabilitated Soldiers (AARS) of the Army of the Czech Republic, commemorated the 51st anniversary of the occupation of Czechoslovakia by the Warsaw Pact armies. The meeting took place at the commemorative plaque of AARS in T. G. Masaryk Square in Pilsen...

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Pačejov wins the “Village of the Pilsen Region 2019 Award”

The announcement ceremony took place in the victorious village today. Other awarded municipalities were Příchovice and Křenov which won the President of the Pilsen Region Award and the Council of the Pilsen Region Award respectively...

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Minister of the Environment debates with Mayors

About fifty mayors of municipalities of the Pilsen Region met with the Minister of the Environment Richard Brabec and the President of the Region Josef Bernard on Thursday July 25, 2019.
The main topic of their meeting was the fight against drought ...

Electric cars drove through Pilsen

On Saturday 11 May, the Day of Clean Mobility with the Pilsen Region took place on the Republic Square in Pilsen, where twenty companies producing electric cars, e-bikes and other electric vehicles presented themselves.

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