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Politicians and the public remembered T. G. Masaryk

The President of the Region mentioned in his speech significant milestones in our history over the past hundred years, pointed to the horrors of war, and warned about underestimating the values ​​and freedoms given to us by democracy...

Visit of the Ambassador of Austria

The Ambassador of Austria to the Czech Republic Alexander Grubmayr and the Attaché of the Austrian Cultural Forum in Prague Waltraud Strommer visited the Pilsen Region on July 12, 2018.

The Ambassador of Sweden was interested in economy and employment

On Tuesday, January 30, 2018, H.E. Anna Viktoria Li, Ambassador of Sweden to the Czech Republic, who has been in office since September 2016, visited the Pilsen Region. The ambassador was received by Ivo Grüner, Vice President of the Region.

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Delegation of the Pilsen Region visited Zhejiang Province

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the signature of the Declaration of Friendship, concluded between the Pilsen Region and the Zhejiang Province in 2007, and on the personal invitation of the Governor of the Province,
a delegation  from  the  Pilsen  Region  headed  by Vice  President  Ivo Grüner  visited  the Zhejiang Province
from 11-18 November 2017...

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