Pilsen Regional Assembly Committees

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Committees are initiative and review bodies set up by the Pilsen Region Assembly. The committees complete tasks appointed by the Regional Assembly, and their opinions and proposals are submitted to the Assembly.

Term of Office: 2016 - 2020


  • Control Committee

    Chair:  Václav Štekl


  • Committee for Public Procurement

Chair: Bohuslav Ebermann


  • Committee for Investments and Assets

Chair: Jan Šašek


  • Financial Committee

Chair: Jan Látka


  • Committee for Education and Employment

Chair: Jaroslav Šobr


  • Committee for Health Care and  Social Affairs

Chair: Petr Vanka


  • Committee for Regional Development and EU Funds

Chair: Světlana Budková


  • Committee for Tourism, Sport and Youth

Chair:  Jiří Struček


  • Committee for Transportation

Chair: Rudolf Salvetr